We are proud to say that diversity is at the core of ASK’s ethos. We don’t just have our own diverse workforce - we also provide our clients with a diverse range of candidates.

We value our clients being ahead of the curve, and we know that having a diverse workforce can increase your business advantage significantly.

Why diversity and inclusion is at the heart of what we do.

Equal opportunities - we believe that no matter your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or ability, you deserve and are entitled to equal opportunities. ASK ensures that we provide a diverse range of candidates for all of our clients.

A variety of perspectives - we know that businesses will not progress with only one viewpoint. It is vital for companies to consider diversity when hiring, in order to gain the advantage of a wide range of perspectives on business, strategies and processes.

Increased creativity - with a diverse workforce, your organization will stand out above the competition for its creativity. Hiring a wide range of candidates means better ideas, which will keep you ahead of your competitors, and in front of your consumers.

Globalization - knowing that the sky's the limit is what makes a company go from one strength to the next. With a diverse workforce, there will be no limits on where your business can go, or who you can work with, making your business relationships even greater.

Salesforce Talent Alliance

We are also a part of the Salesforce Talent Alliance which pledges to bring new talent into the ecosystem, and build a diverse workforce.​

​​As part of the Salesforce Talent Alliance, we commit to:​
  • Prioritise having a diverse candidate pool that reflects our community.
  • Remove bias in our job descriptions by carefully reviewing listed requirements and terminology that could deter underrepresented groups from applying.
  • Ensure a fair and equitable hiring process by standardizing our interview process and mapping candidates to core competencies and values, not culture fit.
  • Consider the impact of unconscious bias, and actively work to reduce its unintended negative effects.
  • Cultivate equality at work through inclusive leadership practices and active allyship.

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